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Halliburton offers state-of-the-art industry training courses on hydraulic fracturing and the stimulation of horizontal wells & unconventional reservoirs. Dr. Barree’s over 40 years of experience and contribution to the development of hydraulic fracture design simulators and fracture diagnostic procedures provide a unique perspective that is un-paralleled in the industry. The courses are beneficial for engineers of all disciplines involved in hydraulic fracture stimulation of horizontal oil and gas wells and unconventional reservoir stimulation.

Virtual as well as open enrollment courses at our training facility at our office in Lakewood, Colorado (just outside Denver) are scheduled regularly. In-house courses and custom courses can also be held upon request.

GOHFER Training classroom

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  • Fundamentals of Stimulation
  • Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing Using GOHFER

All in-person courses held at our facility in Lakewood, CO

Course Descriptions

Fundamentals of Stimulation

Description: The course covers the fundamental physical processes controlling hydraulic fracturing in both conventional and unconventional reservoir developments. Topics include log petrophysical analysis and log QC, developing calibrated reservoir and mechanical earth models from limited or incomplete data, geo-steering wells and assessing landing points, design and evaluation of treatment fluid systems for sand transport and geometry creation, pre- and post-frac diagnostics applications and interpretation, post-frac production forecasting for single and multiple wells or treatment stages, rate-transient analysis of actual production data, and economic optimization of pattern developments.

Who Should Attend: The course content assumes a sound foundation in petroleum engineering or geoscience. It is appropriate for reservoir, completion, and operations engineers, development geologists, petrophysicists, and managers involved in development planning. Graduate students currently working on dissertations are encouraged to attend.

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracturing Using GOHFER

The objective of this course is to demonstrate, along with class participation, the GOHFER integrated geomechanical fracture simulation software project workflow with actual data while discussing individual inputs, functions and features of the application. Provides basic understanding of how to use and navigate the user interface and apply the program to individual project. This course targets individuals who are new to the GOHFER software or those who want a refresher course. All facets and modules of the GOHFER software will be discussed and demonstrated.

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Using GOHFER

This course integrates the Fundamentals of Stimulation class with hands-on GOHFER software training to create a robust learning environment. Discussion topics are woven in with software training for a better understanding of the fundamentals of hydraulic fracturing and the fracturing design process. The course is geared toward engineering and geosciences professionals, but all disciplines involved or related to the fracturing process can benefit. The primary focus of this course is on fracture stimulation design for tight gas and unconventional reservoirs. However, the topics covered apply generally to stimulation of all reservoirs, including moderate to high permeability systems, and soft-rock applications.

Diagnostic Injection Falloff Test (DFIT) Design & Analysis

Pressure & Rate Transient Analysis (GPA)

Custom courses can also be developed upon request. For more information, please contact [email protected].

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