Operating System (Windows 10 recommended)

  • GOHFER 3D - Windows 10/8/7
  • Sentinel RMS License Manager
    • Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system
    • UNIX-based (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems, including Linux, Mac, Solaris Sparc, x86, AIX, and HPUX
    • Linux ARM (32-bit [Hard Float/Soft Float] and 64-bit) operating system.

For a full list of Operating Systems and Virtual Machines supported, please navigate to THALES.

Processor / Memory:

  • 7th generation processor recommended (recommend upgrading if older than a 6th generation processor).
  • Minimum quad core processor recommended. 6 core processor is considered ideal.
  • Utilizes multi-threading and will benefit from multiple processors.
  • Non-geologic model projects 8 MB RAM recommended minimum. Geologic model projects > 16 GB ram recommended.

Video Card:

  • Minimum 512K memory video card.
  • Recommend 2GB video memory. Main recommendation is that the card has its own memory rather than sharing main memory.

Engine Priority Options:

In the Run Engine Options in v9.1+, the priority level of the simulation can be set. Recommendations are shown below based on number of cores.

Setting Priority Recommendation
Background low priority with ½ the cores Recommended setting for dual core
Foreground normal priority with all the cores Best for most users
Max Performance high priority with all the cores Quad core or above recommended

For Additional Performance, consider adding the following:

  • An Nvidia graphics card with 4 GB ram
  • 32 GB ram
  • 12 core (Intel I9 Equivalent or above) processor